“To make Boston the capital of healthy food, we strengthened the common places people gather to buy and eat food: our farmers markets, community gardens, food trucks, and more. We believe food institutions do more than grow fresh fruits and veggies; they grow a sense of neighborhood togetherness.” - Former Mayor Menino

As Mayor Menino’s 2012 State of the City Address made clear, the city of Boston is committed to supporting effective legislation that will expand access to local food, support local food businesses, and build a healthier city.

  • Massachusetts Food Innovation Trust Fund

    All across our state, there is a food revolution that is changing the way we eat, the way we shop, the way our schools nourish our children and the way that our food sector strengthens our economy. Please see The Massachusetts Food Innovation Trust Fund Narrative to find out how Boston is leading the way by bringing stakeholders together to find new opportunities for funding food innovation.

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  • Mayor Submits New Legislative Initiatives

    On January 15, 2013, Mayor Menino submitted the City’s legislative initiatives for the 2013-2014 session, asking for the support of Boston’s state delegation. The City of Boston  is thrilled to announce the inclusion of “An Act to Facilitate the Growth of Innovative Food Enterprises in the Commonwealth”. For many months now, we have been discussing how we as a city, as a state, and as a region fund a sustainable food economy and the innovative ventures that are a part of the growing food revolution here in Massachusetts.

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  • Mayor Menino Calls for Farm Bill Enactment

    As chair of of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Food Policy Task Force, Mayor Menino joins 36 fellow mayors in calling for a Farm Bill enactment, which would ensure the continuation of crucial food system programs before the end of the legislative year on December 31, 2012.

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  • Urban Agriculture Rezoning Initiative

    The City of Boston is working to expand access to local, sustainably grown food by creating new opportunities for urban food production. Topics under discussion include rooftop & vertical agriculture, hydroponics and aquaculture, soil safety standards, composting, and the keeping of animals and bees. Along with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Working Group has been developing recommendations in dialogue with residents, community leaders, farming advocates and experts, stakeholder organizations, and the Office of Food Initiatives since January 2012.

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