Instructions for Individual Vendors

Sale of Packaged or Processed Foods

Individual vendors wishing to sell packaged or processed foods at a farmers market that are produced on a farm must contact the Health Division, Inspectional Services Department at 617-635-5326.

Farmers Market Application

All vendors must complete a Vendor Profile.

  • If selling packaged foods, vendors must also contact the Health Division

  • If food is sold by weight, vendors must also contact the Weights and Measures Division.

Vendor Profile
Health Division
Weights & Measures Division

Fee Schedule

There are three fee schedule options:

Option 1 | Standard

  • $100 per market

Option 2 | Stackable

  • $250 for 3 Markets (1 must be a Neighborhood Market)

  • $250 for 4 Markets (2 must be Neighborhood Markets)

  • $250 for 5 Markets (2 must be Neighborhood Markets)

Option 3 | Annual

  • $200 per annual, year round market

For specific regulations for vendors, check the Farmers Market Regulatory Review:

Farmers Market Regulatory Review

Contact for More Information About:

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