Instructions for Individual Vendors

Farmers Market VendorĀ Application

For the 2015 season, we ask that all vendor permitting paperwork be submitted directly to ISD. Individual vendors wishing to sell packaged or processed foods at a farmers market that are produced on a farm must do one of the following:
  • New Applicants: Vendors who are new to Boston's farmers markets (who have never submitted an application to ISD for farmers market) should fill out a Vendor Profile.

  • Returning Applicants: Vendors who have received a farmers market permit in years past, but have not submitted a Vendor Profile in 2015 should fill out the Vendor Permit Renewal Form.

  • Already Applied: Vendors who have already submitted a Vendor Profile or Vendor Permit Renewal in 2015 do not need to submit any additional paperwork unless they would like to vend at additional markets from what has already been reflected on their application. If they would like to add markets, they should email Gloriana Walker of ISD (


  • If food is sold by weight, vendors must also contact the Weights and Measures Division.

Vendor Profile
Weights & Measures Division

Fee Schedule

There are three fee schedule options:

Option 1 | Standard

  • $100 per market

Option 2 | Stackable Discount Bundles

  • $250 for 3 Markets (1 must be a Underserved Market)

  • $250 for 4 Markets (2 must be Underserved Markets)

  • $250 for 5 Markets (2 must be Underserved Markets)

Option 3 | Annual

  • $200 per annual, year round market

Each market location counts asĀ one market. If you will vend multiple days at one market location, that will still count as one market.

For a specific breakdown of all bundling options and costs, please reference the below chart:

Stackable Discount Bundles Pricing Breakdown

For specific regulations for vendors, check the Farmers Market Regulatory Review:

Farmers Market Regulatory Review

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