Veteran and Active Duty Military Applicant Information

According to the General Laws of Massachusetts, the selection process of those passing the Civil Service Exam and the Massachusetts Physical Abilities Test (PAT) must be based off of individual scores and a specific system of merit preference. flagpoleThose obtaining the highest scores on the Civil Service Exam, PAT, and are eligible to receive specific preferences will have increased chances of being selected for employment.

Veteran status is a common merit that can be used to reward military service with several benefits throughout the selection for employment process. In order to be eligible for veterans' benefits, one must be a "veteran" or a dependent of a "veteran" as defined by Chapter 4, Sec. 7, Clause 43 of the General Laws of Massachusetts' terms of eligibility. Those who have served on active duty in the military may add up to four (4) years served to the maximum age limit of thirty-one (31) in the application process, allowing eligible individuals to apply up to the age of thirty-five (35). Returning Massachusetts Veterans must establish residency within 90 days of honorable discharge to qualify for the city of Boston residency preference.

Veterans should refer to the state web site concerning special information regarding the definition of a veteran, taking a makeup test, the Military Pay Act, eligibility extensions, and the documentation needed for veteran's preference.

Veteran & Active Duty Military Applicant Information


  • Boston Fire Departments is Seeking Full Time Diesel Mechanics and Diesel Mechanic Supervisors

    Immediate openings available for experienced diesel mechanics.  A full description is available through the link below or you can e-mail or call 617-343-3024 for additional information. 

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  • Civil Service Physical Exam

    The Mass Human Resources Division has created a series of videos and powerpoint presentations to assist appointing authorities and candidates through some facets of the civil service process.

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