Fire Directory

Questions & Comments - Who Should I Contact?

Fire and Permit questions should be sent to the Fire Prevention Division.

Training and Equipment questions should be sent to the Training Division.

Teachers and Students should send their questions to the Public Education Office.

All other questions or requests should be sent to the Office of Public Information/Media Relations.


Fire Department Directory Phone Number 
Connecting All Divisions617-343-3550
Connecting All Fire Stations617-343-2880
Commissioner's Office617- 343-3610
Chief of Department617-343-3610
Chief of Operations, Field Services617-343-2105
Chief of Operations, Support Services617-343-3617
Fire Academy617-343-2843
Fire Investigation Unit (Arson Squad)617-343-3324
Fire Marshal617-343-3402
Fire Prevention617-343-3628
Fire Reports617-343-3628
Permits (Annual)617-343-3447
Permits (Temporary)617-343-2178
Planning and Logistics617-343-3390
Public Education617-343-3397
Public Information Office617-343-3415
Smoke Detector Inspections617-343-2191
Fleet and Facilities617-343-3312