Human Rights Commission Internship

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) was created to ensure that all persons are treated fairly and equally regardless of religious creed, race, color, sex, gender identity or expression, age, disability, national origin, exoffender status, prior psychiatric treatment, sexual orientation, military status, marital status or parental status, and any other protected category of persons.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Deputy Director in the development of HRC agendas, meeting minutes, and HRC business related research and documents.

  • Work in a confidential capacity with HRC to develop and implement a city wide social justice and equity survey that will focus on community needs and barriers to employment and housing opportunity from the perspective of our citizens.

  • Utilize survey results to assist the HRC in developing housing and employment recommendation that will be shared across city agencies

  • Assist in FHC events, collaborative program efforts, and other duties as assigned

What You Will Learn

  • How to organize and facilitate a collaborative process across multiple sectors

  • The state of affecting housing and employment opportunities from the perspective of Boston residents

  • How to develop and implement a city wide survey

  • Public speaking, advanced presentation and facilitation skills

To Apply

Above are available positions with our partnering agencies. There are currently no positions at City Hall in the Office of Fair Housing.

  • Boston residency is preferred but non-City residents will be considered for all intern positions.

  • LGBT and Students of color are encouraged to apply. The Office of Fair Housing and Equity is an equal opportunity employer.

General Requirements
  • Applicants must be pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited University or College.

  • A committment to work a minimum of 16 hours a week, two days per week.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Creativity and flexibility.

  • Proficiency and/or expertise in Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Organizational skills with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.

Special Requirements:
  • Background in law, government, non-profit management, macro social work, government, housing, public health or other related discipline.

  • Strong interest in human rights, social justice, inequitable outcomes in housing and employment opportunity

  • Commitment of no less than 3 months

Submission Requirements

To be considered for a position, please submit a:

  • Cover Letter, including:

    • The placement title you are applying for;

    • What skills and or knowledge you hope to gain from a placement opportunity;

    • Hours per week and start and end dates you are committing to; and the

  • Résumé

  • Writing Sample

Incomplete applications will not be considered, nor will student-generated transcripts. Applicants must be receiving credit as part of a school curriculum.

How to Submit:

Submit Application Requirements To:

Janine Anzalota
City of Boston, Office of Fair Housing and Equity
City Hall, Room 966
Boston, MA 02201
No phone inquiries please.