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Expanding your choice in housing.

"Metrolist" is a housing clearinghouse which facilitates housing access throughout the metropolitan area by providing Boston Residents with comprehensive housing information and a broad range of counseling services.

Metrolist services include:

  • Rental listings for government-assisted and private market housing in over 100 cities and towns;

  • Housing resources and referrals;

  • Referrals to local agencies which provide resources for maintaining existing housing, or locating new housing.

Request a List of Apartments from Metrolist

Metrolist can assist you with your housing search, matching your housing needs with available housing, and providing information about Boston neighborhoods and metro communities. Metrolist can provide referrals to other housing and human service agencies. To request a list of available apartments, open waiting lists, or for information on other housing issues, please visit our office or complete the Metrolist Intake Form.

Intake Form

Owner/Agents: List Your Affordable Units with Metrolist

BFHC has strived to amass additional resources to provide more meaningful housing search information and referrals to agencies that offer self-sufficiency resources, such as Graduate Equivalence Diploma (GED), job training, and job placement.

Types of Rental Assistance

  • Public Housing is housing owned and operated by local housing authority, such as the Boston Housing Authority.┬áThis type of housing is funded by a number of State and Federal programs established to assist low-income individuals, families, the elderly, and the disabled.

  • Rental Assistance programs provide financial aid to help low-income persons rent apartments other than apartments in public housing developments, including:

Types of Rental Assistance

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  • Request for Proposals: Community Survey

    We're looking for vendors with expertise in developing community surveys, including methodology, implementation, and analysis. Our survey will help gauge Boston's knowledge of lead paint as a health-hazard, perceptions of lead paint-related housing discriminations, and perceptions of barriers to finacial or educational resources offered by the City.

    Community Survey RFP

  • City Hosted Summit on Lead Paint Danger

    The summit brought together city, academic, private, and public stakeholders to develop an action plan for increasing awareness that lead is still a problem in Boston.

    Read News Article

  • Panel Discussion on Lead Paint

    On behalf of the Office of Fair Housing and Equity (FHE), we would like to invite to you to the Urban League Lead Paint and Housing Discrimination Panel Discussion on February 5th from 6pm to 7:45pm. This event will be taking place at the Grove Hall Library in the Jazz Lounge

    Panel Discussion Information

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