Notice of Intent Submission Requirements

To minimize the use of non-recyclable materials please do not include vinyl or plastic binders, bindings, folders or covers with the filing. Staples and binder clips are easily removed prior to recycling.

Proponents are encouraged to submit electronic copies of as much of the requirements as possible. Documents may be submitted on CD, via email, or via an email link to downloadable documents.

If you should need assistance with your Notice of Intent (NOI), please contact BCC staff for an appointment: call 617-635-3850 or email

State Requirements

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Please save one copy of the Notice of Intent (WPA Form 3) submitted to DEP for your records, and print another copy for submittal to the BCC.

City Requirements

  • Eight (8) copies (a signed original and 7 copies) of a completed Notice of Intent
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  • Eight (8) copies of plans (reduced to 11” X 17”) in their final form with engineer’s stamp affixed supporting calculations and other documentation necessary to completely describe the proposed work and mitigating measures. Plans must include existing conditions, the proposed project, erosion controls and mitigation measures, and all wetland resource areas and associated buffer zones.
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  • Eight (8) copies of an 8 ½” x 11” section of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) quadrangle map of the area, containing sufficient information for the Boston Conservation Commission to locate the site of the work.
    USGS Topo Maps »

  • Details of the stormwater management system, including: catch basins, oil separating tanks, detention basins, outfalls, sewer connections, etc.

  • Any photographs related to the project representing the wetland resource areas.

  • A project narrative describing the following: a brief overview of the entire project, the work proposed within wetland resource areas and/or buffer zones; how the performance standards specific to the wetland resource areas will be met; construction equipment and material involved; and measures to protect wetland resource areas and mitigate impacts.

  • Abutter Notification, filed concurrently with the Notice of Intent.
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If Applicable:
  • Eight (8) copies the Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Map for the project site.
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  • A Stormwater Report which includes associated drainage calculations for rooftops, parking lots, driveways, etc., for the required design storm events.
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  • Completed BRA Climate Preparedness Questionnaire (for existing AND new buildings) if there are any buildings located on the proposed property. Please submit the PDF that you receive via email after completion of the questionnaire.

All property owners must be signatories to the NOI. Any NOI submission must be received two weeks prior to the scheduled hearing date by the BCC.
2015 Public Hearing Dates and Filing Deadlines

Ways to Submit

Please submit both eight (8) hard copies and an electronic copy of all materials to the BCC.


Email complete materials to

In Person or By Mail:

Submit complete materials to:

The Boston Conservation Commission
1 City Hall Sq, Room 709
Boston, MA 02201



    The next BCC Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday June 15 2016 at 6:00 PM in Room 8.01.