Boston Conservation Commission (BCC)

The Boston Conservation Commission protects and preserves open space and other natural areas of the City including wetlands. The Commission administers the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act (M.G.L c131 s.40), the Massachusetts Rivers Protection Act (HB s. 18.26) and the Conservation Commission Act (HB s. 18.9).  The Commission also owns a number of natural, open space properties known as Urban Wilds, and holds several conservation restrictions on various properties within the City. 

The Commission is comprised of seven Commissioners who are appointed by the Mayor. The Commission administers the Commonwealth's Wetlands Regulations by determining wetland boundaries; reviewing and permitting projects proposed in or near wetlands and associated buffer zones; and by placing conditions on development projects that affect wetlands. Wetlands are vital to the City's natural environment, providing habitat for fish, shellfish and wildlife. Wetlands also maintain groundwater and water quality, and mitigate the impacts of flooding, storm damage and pollution. The Commission also seeks public access to wetland resource areas where appropriate.


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    Any work within a wetland resource area, flood plain, or within 100-feet of a wetland is under the Commission's jurisdiction and subject to Commission review.

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