Boston Conservation Commission

July 15, 2015 (Rescheduled  from July 8th)

In accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. Chapter 131, Section 40, the Boston Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing in Boston City Hall, Room 801 on July 15, 2015 to review the following projects to determine what conditions, if any, the Commission will impose in order to protect the interests of the public and private water supply, ground water, prevention of pollution, flood control, prevention of storm damage, protection of fisheries and land containing shellfish, and protection of wildlife habitat:

6:00 PM

Request for Determination of Applicability from LEC Environmental Consultants, Inc on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation for the trail improvment project at the Paul Dudley White Bike Path, Charles River Greenway, Boston

6:15 PM

Notice of Intent from Fort Point Associates Inc, on behalf of Lend Lease Development, Inc for Clippership Wharf Development at 25-65 Lewis Street, East Boston (Continued from June 3, 2015)

6:30 PM

Request for an Amendment to the Order of Conditions for DEP File No. 006-1359 from Fort Point Associates, Inc. on behalf of Charlestown Marina, LLC for the reconfiguration of Pier 6, Charlestown Marina, One Thirteenth Street, Charlestown, Boston Inner Harbor (LUO) (Continued from July 1, 2015)

6:45 PM

Notice of Intent from Nitsch Engineering, Inc. on behalf of the Fallon Company for demolition of a temporary building and associated pavement and utilities, and construcion of a new 14-story building, underground parking garage, roadways and associated improvements at Fan Pier Parcel D, 50 Liberty Drive, Boston (LUO, Coastal banks, LSCSF)

7:00 PM

Notice of Intent from VHB, Inc on behalf of the UMass Boston for temporary reuse of the former Bayside Exposition Center Proporty, 200 Mount Vernon Street, Boston (LSCSF)

7:15 PM
Updates and General Business:

Meeting minutes

Sign Language interpreters are available upon prior request. The Commission will hold a public meeting immediately following the last hearing or as appropriate following any hearing. Plans and filings with the Commission may be viewed at the Environment Department, Boston City Hall, Room 709, during regular business hours, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. For more information, call 617-635-3850.

For the Commission,
Charlotte Moffat, Executive Secretary