Housing Service Areas

The Housing Unit provides information, referral and direct assistance to Boston's elderly tenants and homeowners in all housing issues affecting the elderly. Assistance can be provided for-- Home repairs, Subsidized senior housing, Homeowner financial options, Foreclosures, Evictions, Tenant Rights, Landlord responsibilities, Legal matters, Heating or utility problems, Housing options, Homecare services, Property taxes, and Homelessness.

Home repairs: senior emergency home repair, minor home repair, home rehabilitation

Subsidized senior housing: Boston Housing Authority, Privately managed complexes

Homeowner financial options: Selling, rehabilitation

Foreclosures: Liens, mortgages

Evictions: No fault, court procedures

Tenant Rights: Harassment, code violations

Landlord responsibilities: upkeep, utilities

Legal matters: Power of attorney, Conservator

Heating or utility problems: Fuel assistance, payments

Housing options: Nursing homes, assisted living

Homecare services: Homemaker, visiting nurse

Property taxes: Exemptions, deferrals

Homelessness: Housing or shelter options

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