Area Agency On Aging

Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) were established under the Older Americans Act (OAA) in 1973 to respond to the needs of American aged 60 and over in every local community. AAAs make it possible for older adults to remain in their homes and communities as long as possible by providing a range of options that allow older adults to choose the home and community-based services and living arrangements that suit them best. The Elderly Commission serves as the Area Agency on Aging for the City of Boston. The Elderly Commission also serves as the Council on Aging (COA) for the City of Boston. Funds from the Massachusetts Council on Aging are channeled through the Elderly Commission and help fund direct services and new initiatives. The Commission, as Boston's Area Agency on Aging and Council On Aging, promotes the active involvement of seniors in the life and health of their neighborhoods in conjunction with Mayors Advisory Council.

Our priority remains to promote optimal functioning and to prevent premature or inappropriate institutionalization of elders in Boston. Older American Act funding, distributed by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, assists the City of Boston in our efforts to better serve the needs of our citizens. Through planning and development, allocation of Title III funds and advocacy we are able to provide quality services to seniors in Boston. Our role as the Area Agency on Aging is to monitor and evaluate these services to ensure both the quality and necessity of such services.

Older American Act funding enables the Commission to provide financial and programmatic support to non-profit agencies in the following areas of service:

  • Ombudsman Program

  • Title III-B Support Services

  • Title III-C Nutrition Services

  • Title III-D Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

  • Title III-E Caregiver Support Services

Title III Grantee Programs for FY 2010 (Arranged by Type)


1. Ethos

555 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Program Name: Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
Contact: Marietta McCarthy (617) 522-6700 ext 315 

Provides advocacy for long-term care residents through one-on-one or group visits in long-term care facilities in Boston.

Title III-B Support Services

1. ABCD Mattapan Family Service Center

535 River Street
Mattapan, MA 02126
Program Name: Mattapan Elderly Services Project
Contact: Michelle Bernard (617) 298-1785 ext 213

This is a senior center providing utility assistance, exercise and health maintenance, day trips, senior outreach, monthly brown bag grocery distribution to low-income seniors, informational meetings, workshops and community forums.

2. ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center

1 Michelangelo Street

Boston, MA 02113
Program Name: Elder Services
Contact: Johannah Malone (617) 523-8125 ext 201

This program's Drop-In-Center provides recreation, information and assistance, and benefits assistance to residents of the North End, West End, Beacon Hill and surrounding communities. Staff and volunteers help seniors access fuel assistance, food stamps, and utility assistance.

3. Boston Medical Center

1 Boston Medical Center Plaza
Boston, MA 02118
Program Name: Elders Living at Home
Contact: Eileen O'Brien (617) 638-6148

This program services homeless and at-risk seniors by providing outreach and information and referral. It offers comprehensive geriatric assessment services and emergency, temporary and transitional housing placement.

4. Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center

75 Kneeland Street, Suite 204
Boston, MA 02111
Program Name: Asian Drop-In
Contact: Megan Cheung (617) 357-0226 ext 231

This program serves economically and linguistically disadvantaged Chinese-speaking elders. It provides information, and referral, letter writing, outreach, telephone reassurance and translation services.

5. Developmental Evaluation and Adjustment Facilities (DEAF), Inc.

215 Brighton Avenue
Allston, MA 02134
Program Name: Senior Independent Living
Contact: Carol Hilbinger (617) 254-4041 TTY/V

This program services deaf, deaf and blind, hard of hearing, and late deafened seniors in Boston. It provides material aid, outreach, and information and assistance.

6. East Boston Social Center

68 Central Square
East Boston, MA 02128
Program Name: Senior Place
Contact: Gloria Devine (617) 569-3221

Services include: exercise, health education and screenings, advocacy, wellness, computer classes, and telephone reassurance.

7. ESAC (Ecumenical Social Action Committee, Inc.)

3313 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Program Name: Senior Home Repair
Contact: Thomas P. Lynch (617) 524-2555

This program provides home repair assistance and referral services to seniors in Boston.

8. Ethos

555 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Program Name: Volunteer Services
Contact: Alex Freeman (617) 522-6700 ext 323

Volunteers are recruited to provide companionship, medical escorts, telephone reassurance, home repair, and shopping assistance for people who would not otherwise have access to home care services.

9. Ethos

555 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Program Name: Protective Services
Contact: Sandy Hoovey (617) 522-6700

The Boston Elder Protective Services Program intervenes in situations where abuse or neglect endangers an elder's health and well-being in any way. The source of this abuse or neglect may be intentional or unintentional, and can take many forms.

10. Fenway Community Development Corporation

70 Burbank Street
Boston, MA 02115
Program Name: Peterborough Senior Center
Contact: Carol Paige Rodrigue (617) 536-7154

The Peterborough Senior Center is located at 42 Peterborough Street in the Fenway. It provides a broad range of services designed to help seniors strengthen knowledge, decrease isolation, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They include: recreation, exercise & wellness, education, tax preparation assistance, and information & referral.

11. Greater Boston Legal Services

197 Friend Street
Boston, MA 02114
Program Name: Greater Boston Elderly Legal Services
Contact: Wynn Gerhard (617) 603-1577

This program provides legal assistance, outreach and information & assistance to elders in Boston.

12. HEARTH, Inc.

1640 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118
Program Name: Housing Stabilization through Recreation and Socialization
Contact: Sarah Orlander (617) 450-0335

The program aims to provide recreation to seniors living in transitional housing.

13. Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion (IBA)

100 W. Dedham Street
Boston, MA 02118
Program Name: Villa Victoria Elder Support
Contact: Mirna Garcia (617) 535-1791

The Elder Program provides advocacy, recreation, exercise, and translation & interpretation for low-income Latinos living in Villa Victoria and surrounding communities.

14. John F. Kennedy Family Service Center, Inc.

10 City Square
Charlestown, MA 02129
Program Name: Senior Support Services
Contact: Fran Doherty (617) 241-7010

Services include: transportation for food shopping, banking, doctor visits and some other purposes as needed; translation services, recreation, exercise classes and outreach to isolated seniors. Some services are provided at 100 Ferrin Street.

15. Kit Clark Senior Services Inc.

1500 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122
Program Name: Minority Outreach
Contact: John Livingston (617) 825-5000

The Minority Outreach Program provides counseling, outreach, interpretation and support groups for Haitian, Cape Verdean, and Vietnamese seniors.

16. La Alianza Hispana

63 Parker Hill Avenue
Boston, MA 02120
Program Name: Aliancianos Unidos-Senior Center
Contact: Marisol Amaya (617) 232-0634

Aliancianos Unidos provides assisted transportation, exercise and physical fitness, health education, information and assistance, interpreting, recreation, support group, translation, and outreach to low-income Latinos.

17. MAB Community Services, Inc.

200 Ivy Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Program Name: Boston Visually Impaired Elders Program
Contact: Fran Weisse (617) 926-4312

This program serves visually impaired seniors who are not legally blind, but who are experiencing sight loss that jeopardizes their safety and emotional well-being. It offers one-on-one in-home assistance as well as outreach and support groups.

18. Massachusetts Association of Older Americans

19 Temple Place, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
Program Name: Advocacy Works
Contact: Chet Jakubiak (617) 426-0804

This program provides advocacy, outreach, newsletter distribution, and information & assistance for elders in Boston, particularly low-income and minority elders.

19. Friendship Works

105 Chauncy Street
Boston, MA 02111
Program Name: Visiting Services & Medical Escort/Short-Term Assistance
Contact: Lois Lord Walker (617) 482-1510

This program provides assisted transportation, companionship, friendly visiting, and outreach to elders in Boston.

20. Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation

56 Warren Street, Suite 200
Roxbury, MA 02119
Program Name: Housing Stabilization
Contact: Stephanie Chacker (617) 989-0894

This program provides outreach, information and assistance, advocacy and placement services to homeless elders, at-risk elders and grandparents raising grandchildren.

21. South Boston Neighborhood House

136 H Street
South Boston, MA 02127
Program Name: Senior Center
Contact: Carole Sullivan (617) 268-1619

The Senior Center provides education, recreation, telephone reassurance, shopping assistance outreach, and information & assistance.

22. Professional Profiles, Inc.

85 Constitution Lane, Suite 300A 
Danvers, MA 01923
Program Name: Hoarding Clean-Up Program 
Contact: Ned Kittredge  (978) 774-0022

The program was designed to assist seniors in jeopardy of loosing their home and endangering those living around them.

23. United South End Settlements

566 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
Program Name: Senior Services
Contact: Heidi Viarruel (617) 375-8114

This program provides outreach, exercise, recreation, and information & assistance to elders in Boston.

24. Upham's Corner Health Center

636 Columbia Road
Dorchester, MA 02125
Program Name: Boston Coalition for Adult Immunization
Contact: Elaine Rowe (617) 825-9839

This program provides immunizations, including flu and pneumonia shots, to at-risk elders in Boston.

Title III-C Nutrition

1. Ethos

555 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Program Name: Title III-C Nutrition Project Area A
Contact: Nachet Mehciz (617) 522-6700

Provides home delivered meals and congregate meal sites for elders in Allston-Brighton, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Roslindale and West Roxbury.

2. Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center

75 Kneeland Street, Suite 204
Boston, MA 02111
Contact: Raymond Giang (617) 423-7560

Provides home delivered Chinese meals and congregate meals for Chinese elders in Boston.

3. Kit Clark Senior Services

1500 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122
Program Name: Federal Elderly Nutrition Program
Contact: Jennifer Gallagher (617) 474-1276

Provides home delivered meals and congregate meals sites for elders in Back Bay-Beacon Hill-Fenway, Charlestown, Chinatown, Dorchester, East Boston, North End, Roxbury, South Boston, and South End.

Title III-D Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

1. Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center

75 Kneeland Street, Suite 204
Boston, MA 02111
Program Name: Asian Health Focus
Contact: Megan Cheung (617) 357-0226 Ext 231

The program provides exercise, health education, outreach and wellness to Chinese-speaking Asian elders.

2. Ethos

555 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Program Name: Nutrition Risk Assessment
Contact: Margery Gann (617) 522-6700

This program provides nutrition screening, nutrition counseling, nutrition education to homemakers, nutrition education to elders, and outreach.

3. Kit Clark Senior Services

1500 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122
Program Name: Memory Loss
Contact: Donna Allen (617) 825-5000 or 617-474-1167 Ext 225

Program educates people about Alzheimer's Disease, counsels people with Alzheimer's Disease and their caregivers and leads monthly support groups.

4. Upham’s Corner Health Center

500 Columbia Road
Dorchester, MA 02125
Program Name: In Home Health Services
Contact: Nancy Bifano (617) 825-9206
This program provides culturally competent, comprehensive health and social services to homebound individuals and their families with economic and/or social needs. Services include counseling, skilled nurse visits, and information & assistance.

Title III-E Caregiver Support Services

1. Boston Senior Home Care

89 South Street, Suite 501
Boston, MA 02111
Program Name: Family Caregiver
Contact: Lisandra Parilla (617) 266-8978 
This program provides counseling, support groups, and training to caregivers.

2. Central Boston Elder Services

2315 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02119
Program Name: Family Caregiver
Contact: Leslie Ahern (617) 277-7416 Ext 628
This program provides counseling, support groups, respite care, and education to caregivers.

3. Ethos

555 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Program Name: Family Caregiver
Contact: Leslie Ahern (617) 522-6700 
This program provides counseling, support groups, and training to caregivers.

4. LGBT Aging Project

555 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Contact: Lisa Krinskey (617) 522-1292 
LGBT Aging Project is an organization working to guarantee equal services for LGBT elders and caregivers.

5. Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

99 Summer Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Program Name: KINnections
Contact: Charity Bell (617) 983-5800 
The KINnections Program provides support groups, respite services, information and referral, and workshops for grandparents raising grandchildren.

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