Electrical Safety

IMPORTANT: Any citizen suspecting stray voltage at any location should immediately call NSTAR Electric at 1-800-592-2000.

If you have a concern about live current on the street or sidewalk in the City of Boston, you should also call 911 or the non-emergency city servic line at 311.

Former Mayor Thomas M. Menino and NSTAR President and CEO Tom May, announced a plan of action for electrical safety and the formation of a joint task force in March 2005. Focusing on stray voltage, the Joint Task Force on Electrical Safety examined the complex issues surrounding the electrical infrastructure in the City of Boston. Joint Task Force members brought a broad range of expertise with representatives from labor unions, regulatory agencies, construction, animal advocates, and guide dog users, in addition to Nstar and City of Boston representatives.

Joint Task Force

The Joint Task Force issued a comprehensive report in July 2005 containing a series of 15 specific recommendations for the prevention and detection of electric safety issues. Former Mayor Menino and NSTAR Electric's Tom May committed to implementing all of the Joint Task Force's recommendations. You can also view the report in PDF format.

Friday, October 28, 2005

City Departments Launch Stray Voltage Checks

"As part of the Stray Voltage Task Force that Mayor Thomas M. Menino and NSTAR called for last winter after several dogs had been injured, the City of Boston's Department of Public Works and Transportation Department will begin their annual checks on the city's electrical infrastructure..."

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Find It, Fix It
Electrical Safety Task Force Announces Promising Results

"The Joint Task Force on Electrical Safety today presented Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and NSTAR Chairman, President and CEO Thomas J. May with the findings and recommendations of their final report, which included the results of a sweeping inspection of the electrical system in Boston. Mayor Menino and Mr. May appointed the Task Force in March to examine the issue of electrical safety in Boston after incidents of stray voltage were reported over the winter..."

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Monday, March 7, 2005

Mayor Menino and NSTAR Announce Plan of Action for Electrical Safety

"Mayor Thomas M. Menino and NSTAR president and CEO Thomas May today announced the establishment of a joint-task force to address the issue of electrical safety in Boston. Pledging support for the newly formed joint-task force, Mayor Menino and Mr. May also announced the blueprint for a comprehensive review of electrical and construction records; immediate inspection of likely trouble spots; the formation of a new joint database to better shield the city against stray voltage issues in the future; and an examination into permitting and regulatory procedures governing electricity in our city..."

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