Boston's Social Media Efforts

Creative, Engaging Social Campaigns

Boston is using creatively-concepted, highly-visual social media campaigns to bring city operations and services further than ever before; closer daily engagement promotes better emergency readiness. For instance, Public Works’ #SpotHoles campaign helped fill more than 2,000 potholes powered by social media & CRM, and summer construction season was reimagined as a summer blockbuster movie theme via #BlockbusterBOS.
#BlockbusterBOS Video

New Ways to Connect

Furthering the Mayor’s drive to reach residents where they are, expanded social offerings include a new Facebook page and upcoming social media training for seniors who are online at a higher rate than ever before; residents can now tweet location requests to the mobile City Hall To Go truck. City programs and departments have embraced multi-agency Twitter chats. For the first time, the Boston Redevelopment Authority announced a Twitter chat as digital town hall alongside a slate of traditional community meetings, explaining Urban Agriculture rezoning tweet by tweet. Chats create opportunities to connect personally with City thought leaders, such as the mayor’s #HubMoveIn student welcome chat, as well as this emergency preparedness chat. 
City of Boston Elderly Commission's Facebook Page
City Hall to Go
Urban Agriculture rezoning
Emergency Prepardness Chat

Coordinated Emergency Preparedness & Recovery

Most crucially, daily engagement via social media forges relationships that ready Bostonians to receive public safety information during emergencies and recovery efforts. In 2013, an official City of Boston social media policy was instituted alongside the rollout of an enterprise social media management tool, in order to provide centralized oversight and governance. During peak emergency periods, the enterprise platform enhances internal coordination, consistency and reliability across the multichannel social media program. Following the Boston marathon bombing, Boston partnered with Twitter for a Promoted Tweet campaign which elevated safety and recovery messages to a global trend, generating 101 million impressions in a few hours and jumpstarting the 500K digital donations that made up more than $5 million of the One Fund in its debut hours. (Mashable). This digital memorial Tumblr not only digitally preserved artifacts left near the bombing site but also invited user submission via Tweet. The City of Boston was a founding participant in Twitter’s new “Twitter Alerts” feature, which raises the visibility of emergency updates over social media.
Twitter Donates Promoted Trend to 'One Boston'
OneBoston Tumblr
Introducing Twitter Alerts