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DND never auctions off its properties. For parcels that are potentially suitable for development, including open space development, DND first works with area residents to identify suitable development options for the property. DND then offers the property through a process called a Request For Proposals (“RFP”). An RFP is an open and competitive process that includes selection criteria that reflect community preferences. Prospective purchasers propose a development plan and purchase price for the property. DND reviews those proposals and brings the proposal(s) that best meet the selection criteria of the RFP to the community for review and comment. If the proposed development is generally satisfactory to the community, DND proceeds with the sale of the property. DND places restriction on the sale of the property to ensure that the proposed development is delivered as promised. To prevent speculative purchases, DND will not transfer title to the property until the purchaser has demonstrated that they are ready and able to commence construction reasonably soon after the property sale. 

For small, low-value, non-developable parcels, DND makes these properties available exclusively to abutting property owners for a nominal price for use as yard space through its Yard Sale program. Area residents are directly notified of DND’s intent to make these properties available prior to making such a sale. All Yard Sale properties are sold with a non-development covenant that limits the development of the property in the future.

The third category of properties includes parcels that have negligible development capacity and are unsuitable for purchase by an abutting property owner. These may be, for example, land-locked parcels with no road access, underwater or right-of-way parcels, cliffsides,  rock outcroppings, or floodplain properties. These properties are classified as Reserve Parcels that DND will not be offering for sale in the foreseeable future.  


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