Leading the Way

A history of the City of Boston's comprehensive housing strategy.

In 1998, Mayor Menino’s "Housing 2000" campaign challenged his administration to meet the booming housing demand of the late 90s by doubling housing production in one year - from below 1000 units in 1998, to 2000 units by the end of 1999. Having surpassed this goal by creating more than 2,200 new units, the City expanded its efforts and developed the first "Leading the Way" campaign. 

Until now, the two housing strategies, Leading the Way I and Leading the Way II have responded to the housing boom that brought unprecedented increases in home prices and rents; focused primarily on the production of new market rate and affordable housing, and the prevention the loss of existing affordable housing to market rate conversion or to financial or physical distress.

With the success of both of earlier Leading the Way strategies in mind, and early indications of a changing economic landscape on the horizon, Boston hosted a national conference in the spring of 2007 as it looked to create its next overarching housing policy. At Boston 2012, which drew accomplished housing leaders from around the country; best practices were conceived and distilled for the consideration of the Mayor’s Housing Advisory Panel, convened by Mayor Menino in 2008.

In March of 2009, Mayor Menino unveiled the City’s Leading the Way III housing strategy, the third comprehensive campaign designed to meet Boston’s evolving housing needs.  Among other things, the report focuses on workforce housing production, rental housing preservation, revitalization of high foreclosure neighborhoods, and a plan to reduce long-term and family homelessness by 50% by 2012.

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