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PDR regularly posts a number of notices and disclosures related to the City's use of program funding.

Department of Neighborhood Development Employee Participation Plan

The Department of Neighborhood Development has recently established a review process by which the City and HUD may evaluate an individual request from a DND employee to participate in a homeowner and homebuyer program. If the request, presenting no conflict of interest on the part of the requestor, is approved by both entities, an employee may participate in that program.

A list of approved DND Employee Participation Requests will be updated every 12 months and posted to the website. A copy of this list will be filed at the office of the City Clerk, and also made available for public review at DND’s Bid Counter, located at 26 Court St, 10th Floor, Boston MA, 02108.

DND limits employee participation to 5% of the available "slots" in a given program to ensure access by the general public is not significantly limited. 

For more information, please contact Robert Gehret, Deputy Director for Policy Development & Research at 617.635.0242 or bgehret.dnd@cityofboston.gov

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