Close-Up Trends

Close-Up Trends are reports that focus are specific themes, include HIV/AIDS Housing, Lead Safety, Condominiums, and Three-Decker Housing.

Condominium Trends 
These reports give trends in Boston's condominium market. 
Close-Up Trends - Condo 2005
Close-Up Trends - Condo 2000

HIV/AIDS Housing Trends 
This annual Trends report focuses on the housing needs of those with HIV and AIDS. 
Close-Up Trends - HIVAIDS Housing

Lead Safety Trends 
This report highlights lead poisonings and elevated blood lead level trends from 1992 through 2002, identifies high risk areas and abatement efforts into 2002, and provides information about the lead contamination problem and resources available. 
Close-Up_Trends - Lead Safety

Triple Decker Trends 
This report gives trends in triple decker sales in Boston's neighborhoods from 1990 through 1998. 
Close-Up_Trends - Triple Decker 

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