Finding An Apartment

Searching for an Apartment

Rents for apartments in Boston can be expensive. With very few exceptions, there is no limit to how much rent a landlord can charge for an apartment. Some of the suggestions listed below may be helpful in locating reasonably priced housing.

  • Realtors: Many charge a broker’s fee of up to 1 month’s rent, so be sure to inquire about broker’s fees before you start your search with any realtor.

  • Local newspapers

  • Websites

  • Neighborhood bulletin boards

  • School and University bulletin boards

  • Community, religious and social organizations

  • Roommate agencies

  • Word of mouth: Let friends, acquaintances, shopkeepers, etc. in the neighborhood know you are looking for an apartment. Someone you tell may know about an available apartment or provide you with a lead.

Before Renting an Apartment

Entering into a rental agreement is a serious commitment. Do not put money down unless you are sure you want the apartment. Although you may be legally entitled to get your money back until the landlord formally accepts you as a tenant, that money may be difficult to recover. An apartment may seem like a dream apartment, but there are many costs and issues to consider in determining whether the apartment is right for you.

  • Affordability of rent,

  • Utilities and heating costs,

  • Up-front fees,

  • Moving expenses,

  • Availability of off-street or on-street parking,

  • Access to public transportation,

  • How many people are allowed to live in the apartment,

  • Whether pets are permitted,

  • Presence of lead paint, if child under age 6 will be living in the apartment,

  • Whether subletting is permitted,

  • Whether a re-rental inspection has been done, and

  • Whether laundry facilities and/or refrigerator are provided.