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Other funding sources

In addition to DND funds, developers are highly encouraged to seek additional sources from other governmental, private sector and non-profit sources. A list of other potential sources of funding is included below. Please note that DND expects developers to be able to demonstrate that they are already in contact with KeySpan and NSTAR regarding funding before they submit an RFP for DND funds.

Additionally, measures taken to comply with an existing DND standard or to achieve a particular LEED credit may help you meet criteria of additional funding source standards such as Enterprise Green Criteria.

Other funding sources

    1. NSTAR
    2. KeySpan
    3. Foundation programs
    4. Solar Energy Incentives


Three Stories and Under
NSTAR funds a range of different incentive programs targeting electricity conservation that affordable housing developers may be able to utilize. These incentives depend on building size, whether the building is new construction or renovation, and the income level of building residents. If the development is new construction (or a significant renovation) and three stories tall or under, it may qualify for the Massachusetts New Homes with ENERGY STAR program. Under the program, affordable housing developments may receive a $750 per unit rebate, and free compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)

Affordable housing developments for residents at 200% of the federal poverty level or 60% of state median income may also qualify for an additional $100 per unit incentive to support the installation of ENERGY STAR dishwashers and ENERGY STAR refrigerators. Applications and application instructions can be found at this website:

Sara DeCotis, ENERGY STAR Program Coordinator
ICF International
(781) 676.4053

Four Stories and Over
If the building is four stories tall or above, it may be eligible for incentives through NSTAR's commercial programs. NSTAR may provide CFLs free of charge to residential units within developments that are four stories and above.

Gena Tsakiris, Manager – Energy Efficiency Services
(781) 441-8017


KeySpan Energy Delivery ( has three programs that affordable housing developers may be able to take advantage of: preset rebates (i.e. prescriptive rebates) for efficient heating and water heating equipment, performance-based rebates (i.e. custom rebates) for energy efficiency and solar heating applications, and the Economic Redevelopment Program. Developers should contact KeySpan before beginning design and construction in order to determine which of the programs are appropriate.

Regina Durga, Program Manager for Economic Redevelopment
KeySpan Energy Delivery
(781) 466-5449

Foundation programs

There are a wide range of foundation programs that can support affordable housing. Two foundations that specifically target green affordable housing are Enterprise Community Partners and the Home Depot Foundation.

Enterprise Community Partners
Enterprise Community Partners helps build affordable housing for low-income Americans by providing financing and expertise to community and housing developers. Enterprise offers a range of incentives and financial support to green affordable housing developers, including charette grants, planning and construction grants, and loans. In order to access the grants, projects must plan to comply with the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria

Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation's Affordable Housing Built Responsibly program provides grants to affordable housing developments. Developers must first submit an initial letter of intent, after which the Foundation may invite them to submit a full proposal. Application deadlines and procedures can be found on this Foundation website

Solar Energy Incentives

The Department of Neighborhood Development no longer has its own funds for renewable energy, but there are a broad range of incentives available from the state and federal governments. DND has partnered with the City's Solar Boston initiative to prepare a guide to the different incentives for solar electricity, and an overview of innovative financing strategies that are being employed by affordable housing developers. Download guide here.

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