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Housing Policy --- Section 6-3

Construction Requisitions & Off-Site Storage
Policy Statement
Construction Requisitions are to represent the amount of (percentage) construction complete at the time of requisition. 

All building components must be on site or in place in order to appear on the requisition.  The construction specialist is responsible for verifying that the amount of work identified in the requisition is on site and is installed in place.
DND has identified two building components which may be requisitioned when not on site.  With prior approval by DND (construction staff) and following the procedures below, the following two items can be requisitioned if not on site or in place. 

  • Cold-rolled Structural steel which is completely fabricated (i.e. Drilled punched clipped and plated) to be used for erection.
  • Elevators

Documents required for approval of above two items if stored off-site:

  • Written pre-approval by DND construction staff for item(s) stored off-site
  • Invoice or bill of sale
  • Insurance binder
  • Transfer of title
  • Written certification by Clerk of the Works of site visit & materials identification and inspection:
    • For Steel:  Certification that Clerk has observed that the material:
      • has been fabricated,
      • is separate from other stock,
      • is secured and under cover
      • is clearly labeled for the specific project
    • For Elevator: 
      • Partial payments may be made at the following points during off-site construction:
        • 25% to commence Shop Drawing / Engineering
        • 50%  at construction completion, prior to delivery to site
        • 25 % upon installation
      • Manufacturer’s invoices must include dates for commencement of work (first payment), work completion and delivery date (second payment)
    • Certifications should be accompanied by photographs documenting condition of items

6-3 (10/12)

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