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Housing Policy --- Section 3-3


The Bid Package should include sufficient details regarding project plans and specifications, contractor selection, program requirements and contract conditions to allow contractors to make an informed bid.

  • Table of ContentsPlease use corresponding numbered tabs
  • Approved Construction Document Drawings
  • Approved Project Specifications (project manual).
  • Instructions to Bidders – The AIA Document A701can be used.  (Instruction to bidders is typically incorporated in the Project Manual.)  It is the responsibility of the developer to make clear where the Instructions to Bidders can be found within the Bid Package.  The Instructions to Bidders should include the following:
    1. Description of Selection Criteria and Process:
      1. Bidding procedures & timeline
      2. Review of bidding documents
      3. Detailed Selection Criteria
    2. Request for Contractor’s qualifications, including, but not limited to:
      1. Experience narrative
      2. Examples of relevant projects of similar scope and complexity
      3. List of current/recent projects with the City of Boston/DND
      4. List of current construction projects.
      5. Evidence of bond capacity
  • Supplemental Information to Bidders
    1. Boston Residency & Jobs Policy (,
    2. Section 3 requirements (, and
    3. Davis Bacon Wage rates (if applicable): It is the responsibility of the Developer to determine if their project is subject to Davis Bacon Wage Rates.  Wage Rates may be found at:
    4. DND and other lender’s policies that may directly affect the bid
    5. Clearly state any plan to utilize sponsor’s tax exempt status for materials purchases; provide detailed assumptions for bidding.
  • Form of Contract – The AIA Document A101 is typically used. This is the form of agreement to be used between the owner and contractor, project forms, and certifications. Note any revised, added and/or special conditions not typically found in the AIA Form of Contract.  The following should be included with the Contract:
    • General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions-- The AIA Document A201 is typically used.    
  • Bid Form—All bids must be submitted in an identical format, to make the evaluation process easier and help prevent errors in recording multiple base and alternate bid amounts.  The form should require the following information:
    1. The total amount of the base bid and any further breakdown of alternates and unit prices.
    2. A Schedule of Values.
    3. Acknowledgement of addenda, certificates of insurance, bonds or other documents such as certificates regarding prevailing wage standards and other worker employment statute compliance representations required of the contractor.
    4. A completed AIA Document A305, Contractor’s Qualification Statement.

In order to be considered qualified bids, submissions must include all required information.



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