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Housing Policy --- Section 3-2


A.  Bid Document Review—PRE-Bid Submissions to DND

DND design staff must review the bid documents before they are sent out to contractors for bid (Developers must review the DND Bid Policy prior to bidding).  A complete set of required documents must be submitted to DND.  Upon receipt of a complete set of documents, DND will review and respond within one week.  It is important that DND has the same set of documents upon which the bids will be based.
The following is a list of items which must be submitted as part of the Bidding Package by the developer for review and approval by DND staff before bidding takes place:

  • Full copy of the Bid Package to be distributed to Contractors,  (See Bid Package Checklist)
  • Notice to Bidders—Sample text to be used in advertisements and/ or to be sent (via letter or e-mail) to bidders and a list of qualified contractors that will be invited to submit bids. (See Bidding Policy)   
  • Criteria for Contractor Selection:  Developers are to make efforts to pre-screen contractors’ qualifications.  Qualifying criteria includes the contractor’s financial qualifications, experience with projects of a similar type and scope, performance on past and current projects, compliance with state and local requirements as appropriate, such as Boston Residency & Jobs Policy, Davis-Bacon Wage Rate compliance, and project construction costs.

B.  Bid Process Review—POST-Bid Submissions to DND

The following is a list of items which must be submitted to DND to document the bid process:

  • Copies of the actual bid solicitations, including all letters, e-mails and/or published advertisements and the final list of qualified contractors who received or requested the bid package.
  • Supplemental Information to Bidders—Any bid phase addenda, clarifications or responses to contractor questions about the bid documents or the project in general.  NOTE: This information should be sent to DND at the time it is made available to Bidders.
  • The list of contractors who submit bids. 
  • An itemized spreadsheet of all contractor bids showing a side-by-side comparison, along with the individual bid forms for each qualified submission. .  The developer is to indicate to DND who the preferred contractor is based on the selection criterion listed in the bid documents.



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