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Housing Policy --- Section 2-1


Policy Statement
DND will review the plans of proposed affordable housing developments to be built on DND land or that may seek DND funding assistance to ensure proposed developments comply with DND Residential Design Standards and meet the need for quality affordable housing in Boston’s neighborhoods. 

DND review will proceed throughout the design and development of each housing development proposal during the three basic phases:  Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document Phases.   Developers are strongly encouraged to consult with DND at the early stages of a project’s conception.  The design review will strive to find the best balance between quality design and materials, cost and energy efficiency, to ensure a quality, durable and efficient product is produced with the minimum amount of public funding or assistance necessary. The review shall be coordinated with the BRA, Article 80, and community review process and provide the developer and project architect with timely comments and clear direction regarding the design and specifications for the proposed development.  DND shall provide the developer with comments and documentation regarding approval at appropriate points throughout the design and development of the project, within 2 weeks of submission of a complete set of required documents:

Review Phases

Schematic Design Phase:  DND shall review the site plan, building massing, exterior treatments, and general floor and unit layouts.  Done in conjunction with the zoning and permitting processes for the proposed development, DND shall work to coordinate its’ review and comments with the BRA, Article 80 review and community review process. 

Schematic Design Review – DND shall provide the developer with a Design Review and Approval Form for “Schematic Design” outlining DND’s comments, concerns and any required changes that will be expected to be incorporated into the proposed development at the next submission stage.  

Submission Requirements

  • 2 full size schematic design sets plus 1 digital (CD) copy including: Site Plan with building footprint, schematic drawings of building massing, exterior finishes, street scape illustrating scale of building, interior layouts and unit configurations. 
  • 1 set plus one digital (CD) copy of outline specifications.

Design Development Phase:  DND will review progress drawings as the project architect develops the design of the proposed building and coordinates and incorporates structural, mechanical, electrical, plumping, and fire protection requirements into their the plans.

Design Development Review -  DND shall review the DD set to ensure that any comments or requirements provided during the Schematic Design Review are properly incorporated in the projects designs across disciplines, and ensure that the development continues to comply with DND Residential Design Standards, Article 80 requirements and meets the City’s goals for LEED Silver Certifiable standard or better.    DND shall provide the developer with an updated Design Review Form for “Design Development” at the conclusion of the Design Development Review.

Submission Requirements:  

  • 1 full size and 1 half-size dd set plus digital (CD) copy: incorporate any design comments and requirements from the SD review and include initial Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Plans (MEP), Fire Protection Plans, materials and construction details
  • 1 paper set of Project specifications plus digital set (CD): including project scope
  • LEED Silver sustainability elements are to be defined with the submission.
  • Cost estimate

Construction Document Development Phase:   DND will continue to review the project plans throughout the construction document development phase.  There are three key submission points: 

Construction Document Review and Conditional Approval -   DND will review the Bid Set and Project Specifications to ensure that all comments and required changes from earlier reviews have been fully integrated into the project’s bid set and  to ensure compliance with DND’s Bid Policy and local and federal requirements that may impact the projects pricing.   DND will issue a Design Review Form for “Bidding and Construction Document Review” prior to the issuance of the invitation to bid.  (See DND Bidding Policy)

Submission Requirements

  • 1 half-size complete and fully coordinated Construction Document set plus 1 digital (CD) set, including Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Plans (MEP), Fire Protection Plan, material and construction details, integrations & coordination of MEP and LEED Silver sustainability elements.   
  • 1 set plus 1 digital (CD) copy of the full specifications and project scope of work
  • Cost estimate
  • All bidding information, including instructions to bidders, the draft invitation to bid letter, bid form, form of contract, contractor selection criteria and the list of potential contractors to be invited to bid.  

Construction Bidding And Pricing Review– DND will review the bids obtained from the various contractors along with the developer’s recommended contractor selection  to ensure that the selection followed the established selection criteria and that the lowest qualified price has been achieved and that sufficient explanation has been provided regarding any significant discrepancies between bidders and or trades.  DND will also ensure that the selected contractor is not currently listed on the HUD debarred list.

Submission Requirements: Side-by side comparison of each complete bid received, bidder qualifications, explanation of substantial price differentials.  Copies of bid proposals may be requested by Design staff if needed. (See Bidding Policy and attachments for further detail.)

Design & Construction Approval – DND will complete a final review of the project Design & Construction Documents including the construction contract, any addendum, unit costs, add-alternative list, VE items, Betterments, etc.   The DC set shall have resolved any outstanding comments from the CD review.   DND will issue an executed Design Review & Approval Form to be signed by the project architect and the developer prior to the Project closing.

  • Submission Requirements: A complete set of construction drawings and Cost Controls:  The developer must provide alternates in the bid document to evaluate the cost of foreseeable scope of work that may be reduced or increased after bidding takes place.  The development team is to provide the SA with a list of cost control items.  These items are to appear as alternates in the bid documents.   (See Design and Construction Approval Submission Checklist for a complete list of documents required for submission.)

2-1 (02/2012)

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