Residential Accessible Parking Space Program

In an effort to accommodate Boston residents whose disabilities substantially limit their ability to walk, the City of Boston has established a Residential Accessible Parking Space Program which is administered jointly by the Boston Commission for Persons with Disabilities (CPWD) and the Boston Transportation Department (BTD).

Any resident of Boston who meets the requirements of the Residential Accessible Parking Space Program is entitled to apply. However, possession of an HP / DV Plate or HP Placard does not guarantee that a request for a parking space will be approved. Additionally, applicants should be aware that the installation of a Residential HP Parking Space does not reserve a parking space for their exclusive personal use. All HP spaces on public streets in Boston are available for use by any vehicle with a valid HP / DV license plate, or an HP placard.

Program Guidelines

Applicants for the Residential Accessible Parking Space Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Be full-time, year-round residents of the City of Boston who do not spend extended periods of time away from home (for example, at summer/winter vacation residences, away at school, etc.). Renters and property owners are both eligible to apply;

  • Have a physical disability which is expected to last at least 12 months, and which limits their ability to walk to less than 200 feet;

  • Possess a valid Handicap License Plate (HP Plate), Disabled Veteran's License Plate (DV), or HP Placard issued from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles; and

  • Have a car registered at their address which is used primarily for their personal transport, either as a driver or passenger.

Applicants for the Residential Accessible Parking Space Program will not be approved under these circumstances:

  • If an applicant's disability is short-term, expected to last less than 1 year, and does not significantly limit their functional mobility;

  • For residents with disabilities who do not have a car registered at their address and/or want a space designated solely for "Pick-up and Drop-off" purposes;

  • In areas where "No Parking or No Stopping" signs are posted;

  • At residences where off-street parking is available for the applicant's use, such as a driveway, parking lot, or garage; and

  • To applicants who have outstanding parking tickets or owe money to the City of Boston for motor vehicle excise taxes or property taxes.

Program Rules and Regulations

  • Vehicles must have a valid registration and valid HP Placard which is to be visibly displayed at all times;

  • HP Parking Signs do not exempt vehicles from compliance with parking regulations designated by other posted street signs, such as: Snow Emergencies, Street Cleaning, or for leaving a vehicle parked in one space for more than 72 hours (3 days);

  • Approval of HP Parking Signs is for a period of two (2) years. Prior to the expiration date, a renewal application will be sent to the applicant by CPWD. HP Parking Signs will be removed unless all renewal documentation is received, reviewed and re-approved for another two-year period;

  • Resident Handicap Parking Spaces will be removed if there is a change in the applicant's disability, residence or eligibility status. The applicant or a family member is expected to notify the CPWD if they are no longer living at that address;

  • Applications must be completed in full and signed before a Notary Public. Any incomplete applications will be returned. Applications must also include a completed Medical Documentation Form signed by a Licensed Massachusetts Physician; and

  • Review of applications and installation of HP Signs can take up to 4 to 6 weeks. This timeframe may be expanded due to weather conditions.

Appeal of Denial

Applications that are denied are eligible to be appealed to the Disability Commissioner for the City. To Appeal, applicants must respond in writing within 14 days of receiving their denial letter, stating the date and their reasons for requesting reconsideration. It will also help to include supporting documentation, such as:

  • Photos of the areas in question, if relevant to a denial;

  • Signed statement from a landlord regarding use of a driveway on the property; and

  • Other relevant information.

All requests for appeals should be sent within 14 days to the attention of:

Kristen McCosh, Commissioner
Commission for Persons with Disabilities
Boston City Hall
One City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

Apply for a Plate Permit via City Hall to Go

Visit the City Hall to Go Truck in Your Neighborhood to apply for a handicap plate permit.
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Important Information​

We have recently changed ​the​ application process for our Accessible Parking Space Program. Instead of ​having only ​one application​, we have divided​ the process ​in​to two applications ​:​ one for those who drive​,​ and one for those who are always passengers. More information will be coming shortly but in the mean time here is a brief description for each application.


This application is for anyone applying for a space who does any of the driving. Even if the applicant is a driver some of the time, please download and fill out this application. If the applicant a valid driver's license this is the application that should be filled out.


This application is for applicants who are ALWAYS passengers. If the applicant never drives, does not have a valid license, or is a child under 16, please download and fill out this application.


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