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Rates and Licenses

Moving is a very stressful time for consumers. Make sure to research your moving company and its rates before moving day. All moving companies charge by the hour or by volume, be sure to understand the method and the rate that you will be charged. Below are the agencies with responsibility for regulation and oversight of the moving industry.

  • Moving within Massachusetts - all moving companies must be licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU). The Division also keeps a listing of rates to help in selecting a low cost mover. Call 617-305-3559 or consult the DPU for more information.
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  • Moving out of state - the company has to be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
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Helpful Moving Hints:

  • Packing - when packing, keep a very specific inventory of all items. This will be valuable if you file a claim for lost or damaged goods. All valuable items should be carried with you.

  • Damage - many movers offer consumers a base rate for damage reimbursement, which limits the mover's responsibility for damage to sixty cents a pound. Check with your mover to see what insurance options are available and see what won't be covered by insurance.

  • Payment - Discuss the method of payment up front. Methods of payment may vary by moving company.

  • Storage - Warehouses and storage facilities are regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety. Call 617-727-3200 with questions. Be sure to ask about the facility's bonding and insurance plan.

  • Bill of Lading - the bill is the contract between you and the mover. You are entitled to a copy of the bill of lading before the mover loads your items. Be sure to review the bill before signing and raise any questions, if appropriate. The bill may also contain important information about damage claims and liability limits.

  • Disputes - if you are dissatisfied with the moving company, contact the mover first. If unsuccessful, contact the Consumer Affairs Division to help at 617-635-3483.

  • Complaint - if you wish to file a written complaint, contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU), Transportation Division via email or fax 617-478-2598.


  • Update to Live Entertainment Hearing Requests

    All live entertainment hearing requests may be scheduled after Boston Licensing Board hearings, while license application is pending at the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC). In the interest of public efficiency, establishments should, if possible, be able to pick up both their liquor and entertainment licenses at the same time.

    Also, we welcome any suggestions from licensees regarding how we may better serve our public. It is our intention to make your experience with the Entertainment Division one that is pleasant, professional and courteous. Welcome to Boston! Christine A. Pulgini, Esq. Executive Director

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