Home Improvement Tips

This document is intended to provide consumers with information regarding a specific topic. It is not meant to provide comprehensive information. For further questions, please contact the Consumer Affairs Division at 617-635-3834.

Many consumers jump into a home improvement project before completing all the necessary research. Complete your homework before starting any home work! Consult with a contractor before beginning any section of the work if a contractor is to be involved. Check the contractor's references before signing any contracts. Be sure to check with the Board of Building Regulations and Standards 617-727-8598 before beginning any work.
Board of Building Regulations and Standards


Always have a contract between the consumer and the contractor. The contract protects you from surprises. Be sure to read the contract in full before signing! All contracts should include:

  • Identification of the Contractor including Registration #

  • Total Price

  • Payment Schedule

  • Provision of "extras"

  • Detailed Lists of Materials

  • Start / Completion dates

  • Contractor's Insurance

  • A Permit Notice

  • A 3-day Cancellation Notice

Home Improvement Contractor Guaranty Fund

The fund was established to protect homeowners from fraudulent contractors and home improvement errors. Details of the Fund are included below. However, consumer should note that the Guaranty Fund is only available if the contractor obtains the building permit! For more info on the Guaranty Fund contact the Consumer Affairs Hotline at 1-888-283-3757 or visit their website.
Guaranty Fund

To be eligible for payment from the Fund:

  • There must be a contract for the work that was done and it must be signed.

  • The contractor must be registered with the Office of Consumer Affairs at the time of the contract.

  • The contractor secured the permit.

  • The contract was for 1-4 family owner occupied residence in MA.

  • A court judgement in favor of the homeowner has been issued.

  • An application to the Guaranty Fund was filed within six months of judgement.

Dispute Resolution Options

What if something goes wrong with your home improvement job? As a Massachusetts consumer you have many options.
  • Mediation - call the Division of Consumer Affairs to assist with mediating your dispute at 617-635-3834.

  • Arbitration - consumer can take advantage of the Home Improvement Arbitration Program. This program resolves disputes through arbitration. The following criteria must be met to use this program: there must be a written and signed contract, the contractor must be registered at the time of the contract, the work was done on a 1-4 family, owner occupied, primary residence in Massachusetts. The consumer must pay a $50 non-refundable processing fee within two years of signing the contract to apply for this program. For an application contact the Division of Consumer Affairs at 617-635-3834

  • Court Action - You may also pursue your claim through the court system. If your claim is $2,000 and under you may file at small claims court. If the dispute totals more than $2,000, a chapter 93A letter must be written before you may file a civil suit for damages or breach of contract. For more information contact the Division of Consumer Affairs at 617-635-3834.


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