Frequently Asked Questions


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Heat Assistance
What is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program?
Where can I find sites in my neighborhood to apply for LIHEAP?
What do I bring to my Fuel Assistance appointment?
Utility Discounts
What is the Discount Rate offered by Utilities?
National Grid Low Income R-2 Rate
Eversource Discount Rate
Other Types of Assistance
Oil Co-Ops
Does the City of Boston offer any assistance?
Energy Saving Tips for Residents
Are there other kinds of fuel assistance?
Utility Shut Off Protection
What is utility shut off protection?
Am I eligible?
What benefits are available?
How do I apply?
ISD Enforcement
What are the heating requirements landlords must provide?
What do I do if I have a problem with my heat?
What is the established heating season during which the minimum heating requirements must be met?
Does a tenant need to have access to the basement?
What are the required minimum and maximum temperatures for hot water?
Are heating facilities required in every room?
Do tenants have to call their landlord before calling ISD?
Does a landlord have to schedule an appointment with a tenant in order to make non-emergency repairs?
Oil Delivery
What should I expect?
Where do I lodge a complaint against my oil dealer?