Boston's Climate Plan

The City of Boston's 2007 Executive Order on Climate Action calls for the City to have a climate action plan that is updated every three years. The Climate Action Plan serves as Boston's blueprint for reaching its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050, and making sure the city is prepared for the impacs of climate change. It also focuses on community engagement, social equity, and green jobs.

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    A Climate of Progress

    On Earth Day 2011, the City of Boston released A Climate of Progress, the City of Boston's Climate Action Plan update. Based on the wide-ranging recommendations from the Climate Action Leadership Committee's Sparking the Climate Revolution, A Climate of Progress is Boston's blueprint for meeting the goal of 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emission by 2020.

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    Sparking the Climate Revolution 2010

    Sparking Boston's Climate Revolution was presented to the City in 2010 from the Boston Climate Action Leadership Committee and Community Advisory Committees. The report contains wide-ranging recommendations for reducing Boston's contribution to climate change, addressing the changes we cannot avoid, and engaging the entire Boston community in the effort.

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    Leadership Committee Work & Information

    The Climate Action Leadership Committee and the Community Advisory Committee worked vigorously over the past year to research, draft, and present the City with an updated climate planning report.

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    Greenhouse Gas Emission Reports

    The updated municipal and community greenhouse gas emission reports for Boston are available online.

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