Menu of Services at City Hall to Go

This vehicle does not take cash payments. All requests for official documents will be processed promptly. Birth, marriage, death, and residency certificates, and parking permits will be mailed.


  • Pay a Parking Ticket
  • File a Dispute of a Parking Ticket
  • Apply for a Residential Parking Permit
  • Renew a Residential Parking Permit
  • Request a Handicap Parking Space
  • Sign up for Street Cleaning Alerts
  • Sign up for Snow Alerts
  • Pay Excise Taxes


  • Request a Birth Certificate
  • Request a Death Certificate
  • Request a Marriage Certificate


  • Get an e-Library Card
  • Request a Birth Certificate
  • Request a Death Certificate
  • Request a Marriage Certificate
  • Register to Vote
  • Pre-register for School


  • Published Schedule in Seniority Magazine
  • Home
  • Pay Property Taxes
  • Get Recycling Bin Stickers
  • Sign up for Renew Boston
  • Participate in feedback forum for recycling bids
  • Pay for citations
  • Request rental inspections
  • Process service requests


  • Get a Dog License
  • Participate in Give Aways

Residents & City Clerk

  • File Residential Exemption Forms
  • File Personal Exemptions
  • Claims
  • File for a Domestic Partnership
  • End a Domestic Partnership
  • Notary
  • Register to Vote
  • Apply for an Absentee Ballot
  • Get an E-library Card
  • Learn about Bilingual Days
  • New Bostonians Information Referral
  • Raffle Applications
  • Marijuana Citations
  • Physicians Registration
  • File a Business Registration

Parks & Recreation

  • Athletic Facility Form
  • Join Golf Course
  • Pay for a permit/ lighting


  • Sign up for Snow Alerts
  • Sign up for Street Clearning Alerts
  • Sign up for Alert Boston
  • Sign up for Ready Boston


  • Register for Summer Jobs
  • Youth Intake Form
  • Pre-register for School

Special Events

  • Special Events Application
  • First Night Buttons


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