Operation Safe Delivery (150)

Operation Safe Delivery

Mayor Menino and Police Commissioner Edward Davis joined up to kick off Operation Safe Delivery with area restaurant managers and delivery drivers. Operation Safe Delivery is a new driver safety initiative designed to inform drivers on staying safe while on the job.

Representatives from the Mayor's Office and BPD worked together to research safety information and best practices from police departments around the country and solicit advice from large national takeout chains in order to organize a safety event for delivery drivers from local takeout restaurants.

Operation Safe Delivery aims to be:

  • A forum to circulate safety tips broadly to store managers and delivery drivers;
  • A good-faith demonstration of the mayor’s commitment to protecting its citizens and local businesses;
  • A constructive response to recent crimes against drivers;
  • A message of “no competition when it comes to safety” that encourages communication between area businesses about any incidents or problem addresses.

Proper Safety Procedures:

  • Refusing orders from unknown numbers;
  • Recording all delivery orders;
  • Encouraging drivers to make regular cash drops;
  • Keeping vehicles locked at all times;
  • Never walking behind a dark building; and
  • Not showing money during transactions.