Guide to Food Truck Permitting

What do I need from the City to run a Food Truck?

You need a food truck permit (FTP) and site approval.

Food Truck Permit (You will need all of the following):
Health Permit
Health Permit #
Signature of Health Inspector on FTP Application

Fire Permit
Opening Burning/Cooking Permit (if necessary)
Signature of Fire Inspector on FTP Application

Hawker/Peddler License
Business Certificate
Trimble GPS Contract

Site Approval
Public Site
If you want to vend on public property, first check the Public Sites Schedule. This lists the ONLY public sites where food trucks are allowed to vend. It also displays open vending slots.
Public Site Schedule
Private Site
In order to vend on private property, you must apply for a use of premise permit and submit it to the Inspectional Services Department (ISD).
Use of Premise Permit Info
Special Site
Many special sites are excellent vending locations (such as the Rose Kennedy Greenway). These sites have their own application processes.


Submit Your Completed Application for Review 

Once you have ALL the above materials, you must submit them along with a completed Food Truck Permit Application to:

Public Works
Room 714
Boston City Hall 

You can also fax the documents to 617-635-7499.

Cost: $500 (Annual Fee)

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