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Department:Boston Landmarks Commission
Contact:Rosanne Foley
Term:3 years

designates Landmark buildings and local historic districts, conducts design review for proposed changes to properties so designated, administers demolition delay for historic buildings that are not designated or in districts, and reviews nominations for Boston properties to the National Register of Historic Places. View the Enabling Legislation

John Amodeo6/8/20076/30/2008Active Flag
David Berarducci6/8/20076/30/2008Active Flag
John Freeman4/7/20106/30/2012Active Flag
Susan Goganian7/23/20136/30/2015Active
Christopher Hart 7/23/20136/30/2015Active
Kirsten Hoffman6/8/20076/30/2010Active Flag
Thomas Hotaling4/7/20106/30/2013Active Flag
Adam Hundley6/8/20076/30/2010Active Flag
Felicia Jacques7/23/20136/30/2016Active
Diana Parcon7/23/20136/30/2015Active
Susan Pranger4/7/20106/30/2013Active Flag
Lynn Smiledge1/26/20116/30/2011Active Flag
Richard Yeager4/7/20106/30/2012Active Flag

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