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Bike Safety

Learn about the many different measures the City is taking to improve the safety of its bicyclists.  Find out what you can do to stay safe and protected when riding across Boston.

Biking Safety Tips

  • Learn about sharing the road, traffic principles, lane positioning, car hazards, changing lanes, turning, traffic signals, and bike lanes.
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Commuting Tips

  • Learn about bicycle commuting, how to overcome barriers, tips on commuting by bike, gear basics, bike security, rain riding, motorist errors, and how to commute with bikes on the T.
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Driving Safety

  • Learn about what drivers can do, types of traffic/bike accidents, and benefits of biking over driving.
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  • The General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts include a set of statutes pertaining directly to cyclists.
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  • Helmets are invaluable for your safety and easy to purchase around the city at bike shops, drug stores, and other locations. Whether you are riding your own bike or a Hubway bike, wearing a helmet is always a good idea.
    Map of Hubway Helmet Retail Locations


Safety Reports