City Of Boston
Public Works Department
Performance Scorecard for September 2011 (Quarterly)
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Mission: The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide a quality environment for the City of Boston and ensure that the City's roadways, streets and bridge infrastructures are safe, clean and attractive.

  • Improving Sidewalks for Bostonians
    Through the end of the first quarter, the Public Works Department has brought into compliance 375 pedestrian ramps citywide. This reflects an increased commitment by the department to expand accessibility and improve sidewalk conditions for all residents.
  • PWD Responding Quickly to Streetlight Outages
    During the first quarter of FY12, the Public Works Department responded to over 87 percent of street light outages within 10 business days. The Public Works Department’s ability to respond to outages has been positively impacted by the installation of over 10,000 LED streetlights which are more reliable and have longer lifespans than traditional street lights.
MeasureYTD ResultYTD TargetPerformance
26479Number of street light outages addressed1,822.001,750.00This measure represents the total number of street light outages – generated both by constituent outage reports and regular inspection - addressed by the Public Works Department. 12423.gif
26481% of street light outages addressed within 10 business days87.6780.00This measure represents the percentage of street light outages addressed within 10 business days. 12423.gif
26649Avg. lbs of waste per household141.81140.00This measure represents the average number of pounds of waste (both disposed and recycled; residential only) per household. 12422.gif
26683Tons of solid waste collected and processed (incl. recycling)62,411.0063,534.50Note that this measure contains certain non-residential components. Namely, it includes most waste from Public Works, City Hall, and Street Lights, as well as some waste from the Parks Department12422.gif
27618Recycling diversion rate14.5919.00This measure represents the percent of all residential waste which is recycled in the City of Boston. It is important to note that other cities often include commercial and construction waste in calculating their citywide diversion rate. Because these waste streams generally have higher recycling rates, the City of Boston may appear to have a much lower diversion rate than peer cities. The diversion rate spikes in November and May due to the inclusion of yard waste and leaf collection.12421.gif
802566Number of pedestrian ramps brought into compliance375.00175.00This measure represents the total number of pedestrian ramps in sidewalks which are brought into compliance with the guidelines of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act. Pedestrian ramps are installed in the late spring, summer and early fall only. Due to weather limitations on the construction season, the exact timing of the construction season varies year to year. 12423.gif
1251433Number of unscheduled repairs1,075.00 -12424.gif
26413Total vehicles maintained by Central Fleet1,136.671,026.00This measure represents the total number of vehicles that Central Fleet is responsible for maintaining. Prior to FY08, this measure represented the total city vehicle inventory. 12423.gif
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