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Sponsoring Departments receive with their award letter, or even as part of the application guidelines, a set of requirements directions around the expenditure of funds. In order to ensure that the grant recipient, the Sponsoring Department in this case, is compliant with the requirements, the grant recipient is required to submit reports on a regular basis outlining the progress made toward the stated goal of the grant and detailing the associated expenditures.

Reporting & Reimbursement requirements vary among grantors. For private funds, these may vary greatly and it is important to carefully review any requirements prior to accepting the funds as it may be necessary to create or modify your practices to ensure that you are able to comply.

Federal and State grant requirements are similar and will be treated here together in general terms. Note however, that even Federal and State grants may have special requirements and every grant should be reviewed to determine if these exist and ensure that they can be met.

The Sponsoring Department is responsible for complying with all grant reporting and reimbursement requirements. However, without execution, all reports must first be reviewed and approved by the City Auditor.

Overall, the Reporting & Reimbursement consists of up to five high level steps:
  1. Report Preparation
    1. Program Narrative
    2. Financial Detail

  2. Supporting Documentation

  3. Draw Down/Financial Reimbursement Request

  4. Auditing Review

  5. Submission & Document Maintenance

Report Preparation (return to top)
Reports are required on a quarterly basis, usually within 30 days of the close of the quarter. However, foresight in Report Preparation is necessary to ensure that reports are done correctly. Below are the general guidelines on how to prepare a report.

Reports consist of two parts:
  1. The Program Narrative outlines the progress of the grant recipient toward the stated goals. In this section, the recipient is to address the progress made, questions or issues in regard to the progress made, any delays and how they are being addressed, and areas of concern and activities for the next quarter.

  2. The Financial Detail shows the expenditures at a high level of detail. Different data is given for different types of expenditures and will vary among types of grants. Some grants may allow you to submit reports generated out of City or local systems, others may require that data be supplied in a specific format.

Auditing/Grants Monitoring has worked with MIS/BAIS to develop reports and queries that supply most any data that might be required for Financial Detail reports by Grantors. See Grant/Special Revenue Detail Reporting from BAIS for details on report/query options. Further, these reports are available for use by any sub-recipient that is also a City Department using BAIS FN and BAIS HR.

Supporting Documentation (return to top)
Supporting Documentation, for the purposes of Reporting and Reimbursement, are those documents used to substantiate the costs incurred by the Department as listed in the Financial Detail section. Supporting documentation must be gathered and maintained in a file, grouped by draw down submissions and include reports, invoices and backup so as to allow a third party to trace the expenditure from the Financial Detail to the invoice or receipt, to the payment. In other words, supporting documentation should not only show the cost, but what costs were incurred for and give proof of payment.

General things to consider:
  • All originals and copies must be legible. Illegible receipts, invoices or copies thereof may result in rejection of a claim for reimbursement. Originals should never be sent to the grantor, but retained by the Sponsoring Department.

  • If you have sub-recipients of a grant, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements laid out in the Sub-Recipient Guidelines for Defining and Retaining Supporting Documentation area of the Sub-Recipient Roles & Responsibilities area of these web pages. Further, you should review the grant regulations carefully to determine if you must retain the original documents, or if it is acceptable for the sub-recipient to retain them, and appropriately guide any sub-recipients in this matter.

Draw Down/Financial Reimbursement Request Forms
(return to top)
For Private Funds:
  • The process may vary greatly and should be reviewed at time of award with the Grantor and Auditing/Grants Monitoring.

For Federal Funds: The Department should complete: For State Funds:
Auditing Review (return to top)
Once the Program Narrative and Financial Detail have been compiled, the supporting documentation gathered, and the Financial Reimbursement Request forms are completed, the entire bundle should be sent to Auditing/Grants Monitoring for review and signature. The packet will be reviewed for completeness and spot checked to ensure that documentation reconciles, and then returned to the Sponsoring Department within three business days. The application will be returned either with signature, if all financial aspects are in order, or with comments, if modifications are needed.

If the packet is returned from the Auditing Department with comments, the Department must update the packet with the notations provided by the Auditing/Grants Monitoring, and resubmit the entire packet again to Auditing/Grants Monitoring. Second reviews, and any subsequent reviews until the packet is approved, will be made within 2 business days.

Submission & Document Maintenance: (return to top)
Once the signed packet is received by the Department, it should make a copy to keep on file.

The OMB 269 or 272, or the State Payment Voucher, should be sent to the Grantor as appropriate, along with backup documentation if required.

The original City of Boston Draw Down form, or a copy of the State Payment Voucher, should be attached to the Cash Receipt and submitted to Treasury/Collecting. Treasury/Collecting will process the Draw Down and funds will be transferred to the appropriate account(s) when funds are received from Grantor, in approximately 15 - 30 days.

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