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Transferring Funds
Funds transfers are done to move unexpended funds within the same Project/Grant, but between different Organizations, Programs, Sub-Classes or Accounts.

To transfer funds, it is necessary to submit the following:
  1. A memo explaining the reasons for the transfer
  2. A completed Project/Grant Request Form reflecting the current and new budget amounts. Project/Grant Request Form Instructions and a Project/Grant Request Form Example are provided for assistance in completing the form
  3. A detailed budget broken down by distinct chartfield combinations (This should match the new amounts listed on the submitted Project/Grant Request Form (see '2' above)
Note: You may transfer cumulatively no more than 10% of the total grant amount without approval from the Grantor. If you are requesting a transfer of funds that will result in a cumulative 10% or more transfer of funds, you must seek and receive written approval from the Grantor, and submit with your Project/Grant Request Form a copy of that approval.

Example: You have been awarded a $100,000 grant. You have transferred $5,000 previously and now wish to transfer another $7,000. The initial transfer of $5,000 was allowable without consent from the Grantor because it did not surpass the cumulative threshold of 10%; however, the second transfer will bring your cumulative transfer amount ($14,000) over the 10% mark of the Grant total ($10,000), and would require approval from the Grantor.

Under certain circumstances, the Grantor will allow the transfer of 10% or more the grant award without approval. If that is the case, you should submit the language demonstrating that with the other transfer paperwork required above in 1 - 3.

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