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Project/Grant Request Form Instructions
The Project Grant Request Form is used to establish a Project/Grant Budget, or make changes to one or more budget lines.
General Guidelines
This Form may be completed using the online Project/Grant Request Form in Excel or on paper. The online format is preferred as many of the required calculations are done automatically. Regardless, the Form must be submitted in hard copy format and signed as appropriate. Field by field Instructions follow below.

Adding machine tape showing calculations must be attached to all forms.

If any items are missing, Auditing will return the transfer with a Transfer Rejection Notice. The corrected transfer should be returned to Auditing within five days.

Which worksheet (tab) of the template you should use is determined simply by the number of lines you need to complete:

For the below # of lines...
Use the tab titled:
1-61 pg
7-122 pg
13-183 pg
19-244 pg
25-305 pg
31-366 pg
Field by Field Instructions
Tracking Number: This number consists of seven digits, the first three of which are your organization code (i.e., the first three digits of your Department ID). The remaining four digits are a sequenced number established and maintained by each department for tracking purposes. No number should be used more than once.

Department Name: Enter your full Department Name

Project/Grant Budget (Control Budget) section: In this section, enter the chartfield information requested, the amount currently budgeted to that line, and the amount of the increase or decrease to that line. For the electronic form, the Revised Budget Amount and totals will automatically calculate. For paper forms, you must calculate these amounts manually and attach adding machine tape showing the calculations.

Explanation: Enter a brief narrative of the purpose for the Project/Grant.

New Project or Grant?: Enter 'Yes' if you are establishing a new Grant; enter 'No' if you are amending an existing Grant.

Project or Grant Name: Enter the full, official name of the Project or Grant Program

Project/Grant ID: If the Project/Grant already exists, enter the Project Grant ID, e.g., BPD05001. If the Project/Grant does not exist, please contact Auditing/Grants Monitoring.

Project/Grant Type: Enter 'N/A'

Grant: Enter 'Yes' if the form is for a grant; enter 'No' if it is a contribution, entitlement, or other source of funding.

Manager Name: Enter the name of the person in your department responsible for the overall management of this Grant

Start Date: Enter the Start Date of the Grant

End Date: Enter the End Date of the Grant

Current Amount: Enter the current amount of the Grant budget already established. If this is a new grant, this will be $0.00. This figure should match the total of the Current Amount column from the Project/Grant Budget section above.

Revised Amount: Enter the revised amount of the Grant budget. This figure should match the total of the Revised Budget Amount column from the Project/Grant Budget section above.

Increase (Decrease) Amount: Enter the change amount in the budget. This figure should match the total of the Increase (Decrease) column from the Project/Grant Budget section above.
For new Grants only, also complete the following four fields:
Matching: Enter 'Yes' if matching funds are required; enter 'No' if not.

CFDA: If this is a federal grant, enter the CFDA number.

Grant Award #: Enter the grant award number supplied by the Grantor

Pass Thru #: If this is a pass through grant, enter the award number assigned by the pass through agency.

Signature: Ensure that the form is signed by an authorized signatory for your department.
Council Order Attached If Applicable: Check this box if a Council Order is attached (which is required when establishing a new Project/Grant).

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