Archives Guide ~ Boston Licensing Board (8400)

Historical note

The Licensing Board for the City of Boston was established by Chapter 291 of the Acts of 1906. It consists of three members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Council. The Board was created to exercise all the powers and perform all the duties conferred upon the Board of Police of the City of Boston relative to intoxicating liquors (now called alcoholic beverages), innholders, common victuallers, billiard and pool tables, sippio tables, bowling alleys, intelligence offices and picnic groves. The Board grants and regulates various types of alcohol and food licenses for restaurants, nightclubs, private clubs, package stores, hotels, and inns. The Board also issues and regulates licenses for common victuallers (food only), hotels (both with alcohol and without alcohol), bowling alleys, pool tables, lodging houses, dormitories (fraternities which are a category of dormitory licenses) and fortune tellers.

8400.001 Liquor License files 1980-2009 261 record cartons

Scope and Contents note
Liquor license files of restaurants, bars, taverns, retail package stores, clubs, etc. licensed by the City of Boston Licensing Board. Includes licenses, license applications, license transfer applications, dockets, warnings, revocations, correspondence and other records. Files are arranged alphabetically by address. One file covers a 5-year period for the license.

8400.002 License applications 1960-1963 24 record cartons

Scope and Contents note
Applications for licenses granted by the Boston Licensing Board. Includes applications for variety stores, lodging houses, common victuallers, common victuallers-alcohol, druggists, innholders, retail package stores, clubs, intelligence offices, taverns and entertainment. Arranged alphabetically by name of business within each year.

8400.003 Correspondence 1952 1 volume

Scope and Contents note
Outgoing correspondence from the Boston Licensing Board. Includes one letter copy book of correspondence from 1952 February 15-October 8.

8400.004 ABCC License approval forms 1961-1962 2 record cartons

Scope and Contents note
The Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission License Approvals are forms that were completed upon approval of various liquor related licenses. Dating from 1961-1962 the forms include the owner's name, name of the business, address, and type of license approved.

8400.005 Record of Liquor License bonds filed 1915-1933 6 volumes

Scope and Contents note
Indexes of liquor license bonds filed with the Boston Licensing Board. Includes name, location, date approved and date filed.

8400.06 Publication 1912 1 volume

Scope and Contents note
"Liquor Laws of Massachusetts and Digest of Cases Thereon Also Laws Relative to Innholders, Common Victuallers, Pool Rooms and Bowling Alleys, Intelligence Offices, Picnic Groves, Skating Rinks, and Fruit, Ice Cream and Confectionary Licenses" printed under the direction of the Licensing Board of the City of Boston, 1912.