Executive Department Record (150)

Mayors of Boston

From 1822 to the Present Time


Years of Service

*John Phillips1822
*Josiah Quincy1823-1828
*Harrison Gray Otis1829-1831
*Charles Wells1832-1833
*Theodore Lyman, Jr.1834-1835
*Samuel T. Armstrong1836
*Samuel A. Eliot1837-1839
*Jonathan Chapman1840-1842
*Martin Brimmer1843-1844
*Thomas A. Davis1845
*Josiah Quincy, Jr.1846-1848
*John P. Bigelow1849-1851
*Benjamin Seaver1852-1853
*Jerome V. C. Smith1854-1855
*Alexander H. Rice1856-1857
*Frederic W. Lincoln, Jr.1858-1860
*Joseph Wightman1861-1862
*Frederic W. Lincoln, Jr.1863-1866
*Otis Norcross1867
*Nathaniel B. Shurtleff1868-1870
*William Gaston1871-1872
*Henry L. Pierce1873 (10 mos.)
*Leonard R. Cutter1873 (2 mos.)
*Samuel C. Cobb1874-1876
*Frederick O. Prince1877
*Henry L. Pierce1878
*Frederick O. Prince1879-1881
*Samuel A. Green1882
*Albert Palmer1883
*Augustus P. Martin1884
*Hugh O'Brien1885-1888
*Thomas N. Hart1889-1890
*Nathan Matthews, Jr.1891-1894
*Edwin Curtis1895
*Josiah Quincy1896-1899
*Thomas N. Hart1900-1901
*Patrick A. Collins1902-1905
*Daniel A. Whelton1905 (3 1/2 mos.)
*John F. Fitzgerald1906-1907
*George A. Hibbard1908-1909
*John F. Fitzgerald1910-1913
*James M. Curley1914-1917
*Andrew J. Peters1918-1921
*James M. Curley1922-1925
*Malcolm E. Nichols1926-1929
*James M. Curley1930-1933
*Frederick W. Mansfield1934-1937
*Maurice J. Tobin1938-1944
*John E. Kerrigan1945
*James M. Curley1946-1949
*John B. Hynes1947 (5 mos.)
*John B. Hynes1950-1951
*John B. Hynes1952-1959
*John F. Collins1960-1967
*Kevin H. White1968-1983

Raymond L. Flynn


Thomas M. Menino
Mayor Martin J. Walsh


From 1822-1895, Mayors served one-year terms.

From 1896-1909, Mayors served two-year terms.

From 1910-1949, Mayors served four-year terms.

From 1950-1951, the Mayor served a two-year term.

From 1952-present, Mayors serve four-year terms.


  • Andrew J. Peters was the first Mayor not eligible to succeed himself.  See Special Acts, 1918, Chapter 94.  See also Acts 1938, Chapter 300.

  • From January 6, 1845, to February 27, 1845, or from the close of Mayor Brimmer's term in office till the election of his successor, Thomas A. Davis, the Chairman of the Board of Aldermen, William Parker, performed the duties of Mayor.

  • In the interim between the death of Mayor Davis, on November 22, 1845, and the election on December 11, 1845, of his successor, Josiah Quincy, Jr., Bensin Leavitt, Chairman of the Board of Aldermen, acted as Mayor.

  • There were three ballotings for the election of Mayor for 1854, between December 12, 1853, and January 9, 1854.  In the meantime the duties of Mayor were performed by Benjamin L. Allen, Chairman of the Board of Aldermen.

  • In 1873, Mayor Pierce resigned his office on November 29, on his election to the Congress of the United States.  During the remainder of the municipal year Leonard R. Cutter, Chairman of the Board of Aldermen, served ex officio as Acting Mayor.

  • Mayor Collins died on September 14, 1905.  Daniel A. Whelton, Chairman of the Board of Aldermen, acted as Mayor for the remainder of the municipal year, viz., September 15, 1905, to January 1, 1906.

  • Mayor Tobin, having been elected Governor, resigned January 4, 1945.  By Chapter 4 of the Acts of 1945, John F. Kerrigan, the President of the City Council was given all the powers of the Mayor and served from January 25, 1945, for the remainder of the year.

  • Under the provisions of Chapter 580 of the Acts of 1947, City Clerk John B. Hynes served, under the title of Temporary Mayor, with full powers as Mayor, for the period from June 26 to November 28, 1947, during the absence of Mayor Curley.

  • Mayor Flynn, having been appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, resigned his office on July 12, 1993.  Thomas M. Menino, President of the City Council, served as Acting Mayor for the remainder of the municipal year.