Vaccine Reaction Alert

Vaccine reactions are not common but can be very serious.

Vaccine reactions usually come in 2 forms:

  1. One form has symptoms like a bug bite. The most common signs are hives (bumpy skin) and/or a swollen face. This can happen minutes to hours after the vaccine was given. Emergency treatment is needed.

  2. The other form happens much faster and is much more serious. The animal will become very lethargic, vomiting may start, and eventually the animal will collapse. The animal's gums become very pale and heart beat becomes slow and faint. This usually happens within 15 minutes of the vaccine. In this case, emergency treatment is needed IMMEDIATELY. Go to your nearest veterinary hospital.

Any animal can get a vaccine reaction but it usually happens to younger animals who are having their second or third vaccine. If your animal has had a vaccine reaction in the past it should receive all vaccines at a veterinary hospital where it can be pre-treated before and observed after the vaccine. Remember, vaccine reactions can happen even after the animal has had a few uncomplicated vaccinations!