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Shelter Volunteer (200)Care

Take steps to make sure your pet is well-cared for.

Crate Training

Make sure you take proper steps to train your pet. Crate training can help the family and the pet co-exist well in the family residence.

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Also take measures to ensure that you can identify your pet in the event that they run away or get lost.  Microchips greatly increase the chance of pet and owner being reunited.

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Provide a safe home for your pet by following a few easy safety tips. Pets are humans and there are a variety of situations and materials that affect them differently.  Make sure you take the proper steps to keep your pet safe.

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Veterinarian Treating a Puppy (101)Health

Healthy pets are happy pets. Take steps to ensure that your pet is in good health with routine veterinary appointments and good daily care.

Make sure to give your animals the healthcare attention they need. Take a look at some common health problems your pets may encounter. Follow the suggested precautions in learning how to treat these problems and how to prevent them in the future.

The Animal Control Department offers information on:

Adoptable Dog (150)Behavior

Make sure that your pet is healthy and happy by monitoring their behavior. Animals like dogs and cats are social creatures. They thrive on interactions with others. Many common 'annoying' practices such as barking, meowing, scratching, or digging are attempts by the animal to get your attention. Make sure you give them the emotional attention they deserve.

Behavior Tips

There are a variety of situations that may affect your pet and cause negative behaviors to emerge. Use our easy tips to ensure good behavior.

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Take the necessary steps to make sure your pet is well-socialized. Socialized animals are easier to manage, they get along better with people and they don't have as many negative behavior outbursts.

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