Embedded Collars

Not increasing the size of the collar of a dog or cat could lead to painful injury and death.

A young animal will continue to grow right into the collar if it is not removed. Our veterinarian has had to surgically remove collars from some animals. Perhaps they were yard dogs that barely had any human contact - lonely dogs neglected of attention. If left unnoticed, the animal will eventually die from infection or strangulation. This is commonly seen among long-haired animals where the collar is barely seen.

Luna: One Example of an Embedded Collar

Luna was found tied up and abandoned at a park. Her choke chain was deeply embedded in her neck. According to our veterinarian, it takes months for the skin to grow over the collar. Luna was also very underweight. She's an example of a very neglected animal.

Our veterinarian was able to remove the choke chain. Despite the pain and neglect Luna suffered, she had a wonderful temperament. She became more affectionate and trusting daily.


imbedded collar in her neck

A Happy Ending For Luna

We are very happy to report that Luna was adopted by a wonderful family. Good luck Luna!