Grow Boston Greener

Grow Boston Greener (GBG), a campaign to plant 100,000 new trees in the city by the year 2020, is announcing a competitive mini-grant program, which provides up to $2,500 of funding for tree plantings in neighborhoods throughout Boston. Visit the Grow Boston Greener website to get more information, download the application, or register a tree that you have recently planted.

By increasing the city's tree canopy cover, Grow Boston Greener will make our city a healthier place to live and visit.  The trees will improve air quality, provide shade, cool our neighborhoods, and lower energy consumption (and therefore carbon emissions). At the same time, the initiative will make Boston a safer, stronger city by providing beautiful spaces for families and neighbors to meet.  This effort is a collaboration between the City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston Natural Areas Network, the U.S. Forest Service and Boston's Urban Forest Coalition. 

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