Patrol and Safety

Public Assistance

As goodwill ambassadors, the Boston Park Rangers meet and greet the general public on a minute by minute basis. The rangers are prepared to offer any and all types of assistance to the hundreds and thousands of tourist and park patrons who visits the Boston's historic park system day in and day out. Rangers assist the general public in many ways, including; providing first aid, tourist information, travel directions information about park rules & regulations.

Public Safety & Park Protection

To protect the park resources and the people who patronize the parks, the Rangers work closely with fire, police, conservation and animal control service agencies in Boston, using the tools of verbal persuasion and education, Rangers enforce all City of Boston park rules and Bike Patrol regulations, local, state and federal laws and ordinances.

Rangers are called upon to provide a wide variety of services, including (but not limited to) enforcing Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife regulations, checking State fishing permits, extinguishing all fires which do not require the immediate attention of the Boston Fire Department enforcing Pooper Scooper and leash laws, assisting injured animals, monitoring the park wildlife and its habit.

Interpretive Programming

The Rangers are well known for providing information on the historical, cultural and environmental features of the parks and their environs. By educating the public about the park system's environmental and historical value, and by verbally enforcing park rules and regulations, the rangers encourage appreciation and proper usage of our urban green space.