Boston Park Rangers Mounted Unit

In 1982, the Boston Park Ranger Mounted Unit was established through a coordinated effort with the Boston Police Department, and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. In that year, the unit had a compliment of four mounts and four riders. The mounts were on loan (later donated) from the Boston Police Department and were maintained in their stable at Franklin Park. During that year, mounted patrols were limited to the Arnold Arboretum. In 1987 the Boston Police Mounted Unit moved their main stables to the Brandigee Estate while the Boston Park Rangers established their own independent stable in Franklin Park. Read more about the Boston Park Rangers Mounted Unit training.

Today, the Boston Park Ranger Mounted Unit is comprised of its own department horses, tack, trailers, and patrol vehicles. They now patrol all nine parks in the Emerald Necklace as well as neighborhood parks and cemeteries. The rangers also perform special duties as necessary.

Over the years, the Boston Park Ranger Mounted Unit has grown into a highly recognized and respected agency in the City of Boston, providing visitors and residents alike with public safety, quality equestrian programs and educational programs.