Public Works Department

Our department provides core basic services essential to neighborhood quality of life, such as snow/ice control, trash and recycling collection, and street sweeping.

About Us

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    Active Utility Construction Report

    The Public Works Department’s Construction Inspection Unit (CIU) produces a daily report, Monday through Friday, of all active utility and private contractor construction work taking place in the Public Way throughout Boston. In addition they list all City resurfacing and reconstruction projects.

    Emergency work notified to the CIU after normal work hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday) is not available in the report until the following work day.

    This report will allow you to see what construction is taking place in your neighborhood, the reason for the work, the contact information for the company, and the estimated completion date of the project.

    Dependable utility service is crucial to the quality of life and the growth of Boston. However, construction can be an inconvenience to the public and the City feels that it is important for its residents to be aware of where this work is taking place.

    Active Construction in the City of Boston as of October 23, 2014 »

Our Initiatives Are:


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We look for improvements in what we do every day, using technology, citizen engagement, and stronger management to make our service smarter.

We seek to make our operations and the City more sustainable through the delivery of our core responsibilities to pick up trash and litter and perform basic maintenance and construction of public ways.

Managing in tight fiscal times requires us to seek out efficiencies department-wide, making our operations leaner.

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    Trash & Recycling Community Engagement

    Public Works is leading an online community engagement process on trash and recycling contacts that will go into place on July 2014. We've receive over 3,100 visits to our webpage and collected over 1,000 suggestions, but there is still time to get involved.

    Meeting Materials and Discussion Board »

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    100 Miles Repaved - Blockbuster Summer Update

    Public Works' Blockbuster Summer campaign, which followed progress building new roads and sidewalks citywide, blew away its targets- its closing weekend brought in more than 100 miles of newy paved roads! Watch the thrilling, season ending video from Blockbuster Summer campaign for more information.

    Watch "I will pave 100 Miles, and I will pave 100 more..." »

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    Fiscal 2013 Budget

    The Public Works Department closed out FY2013 down again in overtime expenses. Since FY10, Departmental overtime has been reduced 40 percent. Get to the numbers behind the service here in PWD's FY2014 budget.

    View Our FY2013 Budget Data »