Innovate Boston’s Fire Boxes

What would you do to improve the 2,200 fire alarm boxes located around the City of Boston? We want your ideas!


The nation’s first fire alarm boxes were designed by Bostonians in 1852. By the 1880’s, public fire alarm boxes were being installed on street corners throughout Boston and communities across the United States. Although modern communications systems have largely supplanted the need for these public fire alarm boxes, they remain an important part of our history and an iconic symbol of Boston.

What’s Next?

Submit ideas by February 22, 2013. Through this Request for Information (RFI), we are seeking alternative technologies and solutions that change the way the public interacts with street‐side fire alarm boxes. The winning idea would present a new paradigm for street‐side access to Boston’s digital presence through modification of the current fire alarm system. Design should work within the confines of the current physical structures, but provide better value to the residents, business owners and visitors to the City. This RFI is an joint effort of the City of Boston Fire Department, Department of Innovation Technology (DoIT), and the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics.

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