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Circle of Promise - An Overview

The Circle of Promise is a student centered and place based strategy that focuses on high student achievement as a means toward creating sustainable wealth and opportunity within the community.  By utilizing the Boston Public Schools (BPS) Academic Achievement Framework (AAF) as the means to assess students’ needs, the Circle of Promise initiative leverages public and private resources and partnerships to conduct targeted intervention and non-academic service delivery.

A Commitment to Excellent Schools

The “Acceleration Agenda” is a five-year strategic plan (2009-2014) that outlines goals and priorities for transforming the Boston Public Schools. Central to this plan is the charge to replicate success and turn around the district’s low-performing schools. In January of 2010, a landmark educational reform, “An Act Relative to the Achievement Gap,” was signed into law which positions Massachusetts on the cutting edge of innovation and bold transformation. School districts will now have authority to exercise newfound flexibilities at schools designated as “Level 4” (underperforming) by the state. These schools will undergo rapid, targeted interventions in order to accelerate student improvement. Of the 12 schools designated as underperforming in Boston by the State, 10 are geographically located in the Circle of Promise.

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Student Achievement as a Measurement for Community Success

The Circle of Promise strategy is to connect the pieces of Boston’s birth to college education pipeline, aligning the many organizations, institutions, and agencies that serve youth and families, and uniting across sectors around a single objective: High student achievement.   By focusing on this specific area, we can test and improve our systems and strategies, which can then be expanded to serve families city-wide.

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Video & Multimedia

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