Frequently Asked Questions

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About BCYF
What is Boston Centers for Youth and Families?
How do I find out which community center is in my neighborhood?
How do I find out about employment opportunities with BCYF?
Cost / Membership
How do I become a member of my local community center?
How much does it cost to participate in programs at my neighborhood community center?
Do you have to be a resident of Boston to join a community center?
How do I enroll my child in a childcare or out-of-school time program at a community center?
My child needs extra help with his/her schoolwork. Does BCYF offer any tutoring or homework assistance programs?
What BCYF programs are there for older teens?
Are there any BCYF programs just for girls?
Can special needs children, youth and teens participate in BCYF programs?
Can community center space be rented for meetings and events? Whom do I contact?
I'm concerned about youth hanging out on the streets in my neighborhood - can BCYF help?
I would like BCYF to come to my community event - Whom do I contact?
Are community centers open during school vacations?