Is My Property a Triple Decker?

Not every three-family property is a triple decker that is eligible for the programs and services available under this initiative. To find out if your property is indeed, a triple decker, follow this link to the City of Boston’s Assessing Department.

When you get there, enter your street address into the box marked “Search Parcels”.  A record for your property should come up.   If no property record comes up, try reentering or correcting your address and try again. Some properties, especially ones on corner lots, may have more than one address, so you may have to be a bit persistent.

When your property record comes up, click on the link “Details”. On the lower part of the Details Screen, you will see a section called “Attributes”.  If your property is a 3-family home, and the Building Style says Decker, then you own a three-decker, and your property is potentially eligible for the benefits that this program offers.

What if my property is not a triple decker?  Although the programs and services of the 3D Initiative are not available to you, the City still offers a number of other services to help homeowners with home repairs and energy conservation. Follow this link to the Boston Home Center for information about home repair programs and services, or follow this link to Renew Boston for information about energy conservation services and rebates.